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R@FT meets on Mondays and Fridays in the F. W. Olin Engineering Complex.

This year's projects

David W., Seth F., David C., and Robert D. discussing at MATE Vehicle Subteam Meeting in the Robotics and Spatial Systems Laboratory.
2010 R@FT MATE ROV Competition Team
Top Row:Nghia Hoang, Robert Decarreau.
Bottom Row: Juan P. Leon, Robert Allen, Jameson L. Tai, Robert Casabona.
Not in Photo: Timothy Cobbs, Stephen Cross, David Cross, David Wurmfield.
Photo taken after passing regional competition.
  • MATE Competition - R@FT has completed designs for a ROV (remotely operated vehicle) intended to compete in the 2010 International ROV Competition by Marine Advanced Technology Education Center. This year's competition is scheduled to be held on June 24-26, 2010 at the University of Hawaii-Hilo. It involves submersing the vehicle, using on-board camera(s) to identify "damage points" on a sunken submarine, unlocking hatches, and sending supplies and air into the vehicle. Information and details regarding the 2010 competition has been released. For more details on this competition, click here.

Last year's projects

VEX Tank on display at Spring 2009 organization fair.
  • R@FT Golf Ball Tank - R@FT members built a golf ball tank (see image) using wikipedia:VEX parts. The tank was remote controlled and had an approximately 250 degree lifting arm with a motorized gripper that trapped golf balls and locked in place. The presentation included a similar setup to the 2005 Introduction to Mechanical Engineering's Golf Ball Frenzy Design Project. For more information on the project and see a sample team project's website, click here.
Spring 2009 organization fair.
  • R@FT VEX motorized bike concepts - R@FT members built two motorized bikes out of wikipedia:VEX parts, each were remote controlled and were presented at the Spring 2009 organization fair, debuting to students and faculty members along with their family members. They even had a chance to race around an astroturf arena.

In the news

New R@FT meeting room, OEC 102
  • Congratulations to R@FT for passing their regional checks, the 2010 Florida Tech MATE Competition Team is heading to Hawaii!
  • Welcome Back! Spring 2010 meetings are Mondays at 3:30PM in Olin Engineering Complex Room 102 and Fridays at 5:30PM in Olin Engineering Complex Room 137. The Robotics Lab is located in OEC 115 and the Mechatronics Lab is located in OEC 362.
  • R@FT was mentioned in the Brevard Business News on their December 28, 2009 Issue, which interviewed David Wurmfeld and Robert Allen. Click Here (PDF)
  • RASSL Project PantherBot Tool Changer recently featured on Florida Today.
  • Latest meeting minutes released: File:R@FT Minutes 31MAR2009.pdf
  • During 24MAR2009's meeting, guest speaker Dr. Pierre Larochelle, Assistant Dean of Academics and Accreditation, College of Engineering spoke to R@FT regarding the 2009-2010 Florida Tech IGVC Team and the 2009-2010 Florida Tech MATE Team competition and funding were discussed.
  • OrgSync: Student Activities Funding Requests due April 1st
  • Planning of next year's projects and funding requests have begun.
  • VEX Walker discussed as a possible project
  • R@FT presents VEX robots at Spring 2009 organization fair! (see photo)

Robotics and Spatial Systems Laboratory

The Robotics and Spatial Systems Laboratory is located in Room 115 of the F. W. Olin Engineering Complex. RASSL is develops robotic mechanical systems that generate spatial motion and force transmission. The laboratory is home to numerous technical papers and design projects, including

  • CubeBot - using the Motoman robotic arm to solve Rubic's Cube
  • ChessBot - using the Motoman robotic arm to play chess
  • PokerBot - using the Motoman robotic arm to deal and facilitate a full game of poker
  • RoboGami - using the Motoman robotic arm to fold different origami shapes
  • BirthdayBot - using the Motoman robotic arm to insert candles on a cake in the shape of the "Florida Tech 50th Anniversary" logo.
  • PantherBot Tool Changer - using the PantherBot to open doors and elevator buttons to autonomously navigate around the F. W. Olin Engineering Complex. The project was recently featured on Florida Today.
For more information on RASSL, see Robotics and Spatial Systems Laboratory.

Keep in touch with Robotics @ Florida Tech!

Robotics @ Florida Tech hold weekly meetings twice a week on Mondays @ 3:30PM in OEC 102 and Fridays @ 5:30PM in OEC 137. To stay connected, log in with your TRACKS account at and find the raft mailing list!
We are currently developing this Wiki as both an informational database as well as an organization website. If you are interested in joining the R@FT Wiki Dev Team, please contact Jameson L. Tai. Thank you.
In the mean time, you may visit the development team on IRC: #wikipedia-en-robotics, in partnership with Wikipedia WikiProject Robotics. Need to refresh this page? Click here.
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