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Panoramic Pictures of 2011


Henry Cowell State Park 30SEP2011 Near Campsite 76-ish



Florida Trip Video

Double-Click Video to Go Fullscreen.

If you experience issues opening the video, you may download the video file and open it with the appropriate video player for your computer.  To save the video file to your computer, right click the link and click "Save Link As" or "Save Target As" depending on your browser.

Flash F4V: http://flsvr.com/TaiFamilyFloridaTrip2010.f4v

Flash FLV: http://flsvr.com/TaiFamilyFloridaTrip2010.flv

Windows Media Video WMV: http://flsvr.com/TaiFamilyFloridaTrip2010.wmv (Note this file is 223MB)

I have been getting reports saying that the generic WMV plugin for Mozilla Firefox will not work correctly for the f4v streaming files.  It has been tested to work well on Internet Explorer because WMV files generally get targeted by Windows Media Player when opened on IE.  Chrome does a pretty good job, but I've seen it be finicky if the same generic WMV plugin is detected and installed.


Trip to Ocean Beach

So today I finally bring my trip from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean to a close.  Honestly the trip ended on July 26th when I got to San Francisco, but I wanted to actually get to the ocean before I count it.  So 3070 miles, 29 days, eight states, two states' worth of license plates, vehicle titles, and DL/ID/registration/insurance transfers later, I'm finally bringing my transcontinental trip to an end.  Why didn't I just head to Ocean Beach on the 26th you ask?  Well it was pretty simple, it was foggy and it just didn't look as spectacular as I wanted it to be.  July 27th was pretty nice, but the car was starting funny and I took the entire day to wash the car from all the bugs and bird dung from my car... then three weeks worth of foggy, muggy, cold weather.

This afternoon's sun was pretty refreshing after my earlier Facebook comment about how ironic Sunset District's name really is when 90% of the year it's too foggy to even watch a sunset at all.  But today, the view was spectacular, quite windy, but the skies were clear and people rushed out to the beaches to catch some rays.  I ended up driving up north just beyond where the Cliff House is.  Last time this place was still just a pile of dirt with random unpaved concrete sections.  Now it's a nice paved trail that I wouldn't mind coming back tomorrow and see where everything leads.  I also got some fantastic shots too.  Here's a panoramic shot of the parking lot.

I started walking down the path, but it juts got way too windy and I just wasn't wearing my usual trailing gear, so I headed back, but I snapped this great shot of the ocean before I left.

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Adding Shameless Plug for the New FTCrimson

There's a new Florida Tech Crimson out!  Read it online (PDF).

Become a fan on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/FTCrimson

Follow them on Twitter: @FTCrimson


New office complete

The 2010-2011 Front Page Revamp Result

While I don't have everything set up exactly the way I want quite yet, the core items in my office are finally complete. I've got my laser printer plugged in and set up as my last bit of work to do. I still have a couple of UPS lying around that I'm going to end up installing on the downstairs computer room. Other than that, I'm just missing a couple of cables in one of the "cables" plastic bins lying in the garage that I'll just have to sort through at a later date.

The new office is pretty small, but I like it. Being downstairs means I am guaranteed to have an endless supply of cold air to cool off SKYNET, which will be quite helpful once I get my rendering projects back up and running.

Now that the new office is done, this also means I've got to finish that technical paper for R@FT. Hopefully I'll be able to whip up the last bit of that paper in a couple weeks.

I heard that the new Florida Tech Crimson printed without kinks, which is great news considering the snafus I encountered when I tried to upgrade PageMaker to InDesign with the April Fools Grimson.  Kudos to Chris Bonanno on whipping up another issue with minimal help.  Also some big kudos to Frank, my successor in FTCrimson's webmaster duties.  The new articles are already posted online, and hopefully we'll be able to get all of the PDFs merged into one file and posted on the website soon.


Conversion of the new office

I'm finally converting the downstairs storage room into my new "office" type room more or less. I have a lot of stuff to clear out, which will be interesting moving some of the textbooks in and ridding of some of that clutter that's blocking the left hand side of the garage.

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Brand new look, brand new site

I'm dedicating the first post of this new WordPress website to my last license plate in Florida. I will forever miss the half-price parking permits, the special parking zones, and of course... "J TAI" says it all. Too bad I had to surrender the plate when I transferred the registration to CA when I moved back. This picture was taken when I was in New Mexico on July 24, 2010.

So I finally ditched the old html site that I had on here before.  The look wasn't bad, but it wasn't great either.  Essentially, now that I've got a little bit more time, I thought I'd finally update the site that I haven't really paid much attention to in the past few years.

Hopefully with this new WP site, which will be my third wordpress site I've set up myself from top to bottom, I'll be able to share more information and cross post between my Facebook photos and regular photos I decide to post here.

Although I do post a lot of pictures on Facebook, many of the creative works and photography will be watermarked for copyright reasons.  I had a few things I had to consider when I did this.  First, since my creative portfolios have now expanded beyond personal works in which logos and registered trademarks are being thrown around, I cannot continue to publish on here with my old Creative Commons license as I used to on my old website.  Second, with the amount of images that are siphoned off via image search engines such as Google Image Search, image piracy has become a plague regardless of whatever copyright or disclaimer notice on the website's footer.  Third, it came down to legal responsibilities.  With the expanding portfolio, I cannot keep posting my creative works without somehow undercutting my clients' original trademark or copyright claims.

So, Copyright it is... hopefully the big X watermark doesn't make the images I show too ugly... :\